Coffee roasting is easily done in the kitchen stove. Very little smoke develops unless the coffee is dark roasted, which means a core temperature of 225 C / 440 F when the beans go through the second crack. Light and medium roasted coffee may be roasted in a roasting tin.


Spread the beans as one layer in the tin Рyou may roast a little more than half a pound every time. The tin is placed in a cold stove and the temperature set at 215 C / 420 F, preferably with circulating air.


The coffee beans gradually increase their temperature, first drying and then roasting. First crack happens at a bean core temperature of 200 C / 390 F. The time may vary, but first crack usually happens after 30-40 minutes.


A little stirring during cracking distributes the heat.


When the beans have an even brown color the tin is taken out of the stove and cooled. During roasting chaff has been produced as silver skin has been released from the beans. The chaff may be removed manually or blown away outdoor before the beans are stored in an air tight container. Ideally a vacuum container is used to protect the beans from reacting with oxygen.