Recently I recieved another delivery of 77 lbs (35 kg) green Arabica coffee beans from Nepal.


Greenland Organic Farm produces excellent coffee in the hillsides of the Himalayas. This coffee has become a favorite among my colleagues and friends.


Raj Kumar Banjara is a real enthusiast among coffee farmers, he produces Bourbon Arabica coffee 4000 ft (1200 m) above sea level. I discovered this producer on an Internet trading site and was really excited when the coffee arrived only two days after leaving Kathmandu with DHL Express. I was not disappointed, the coffee smelled fantastic during roasting and tasted even better.


At Greenland Organic Farm they grow both tea and coffee in the beautifull hill sides of the Himalayas.


Himalayan Arabica coffee grown in the shadow of larger trees


The coffee berries are harvested by hand

Milche 2012-3823

The coffee is wet processed before the beans are sun dried, sorted and packaged


Images from Nepal used with permission from Raj Kumar Banjara

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