Cuenca is an Ecuadorian city 8.400 ft (2.560 m) above sea level. The center of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site because of its many historical buildings. 


Cafe de Ñucallacta is a cosy little coffee shop roasting and serving their own coffee.


Outside Cafe de Ñucallacta has its own little coffee tree


The owner Rumiñahui Duchicela, also called Rumi, has a passion for coffee. His goal is to produce the best coffee in Ecuador.


One of his favorites is the coffee from the valley Vilcabamba. Locals in Vilcabamba assert that it is not uncommon to see a person reach 100 years of age and it is claimed that many have gotten to 120, even up to 135, which would make it an area with the oldest inhabitants in the world.


The coffee from Vilcabamba is a winner!


I wanted to import unroasted Vilcabamba coffee to Norway, and Rumi was really helpful following me to both the local post office and a courier company. However, the bureaucracy in Ecuador is very strict when it comes to export of unroasted beans and the courier shipping prices are quite extreme. Fortunately I have now succeded in importing green Vilcabamba beans via a company in Germany!


If you ever go to Cuenca – a visit to Cafe de Ñucallacta is inevitable! In the meantime you may visit them online at