I love good coffee and never drink bad coffee – that is the main reason I roast my own. And to be honest, I seldom drink more than two or three cups every day. I usually enjoy a good cup of tea for breakfast, lunch and supper. Recently my Nepalese friend Raj Kumar Banjara, who produces the wonderful Himalayan arabica, sent me some fantastic Himalayan tea.


Actually, I received a whole bunch of samples. In addition to the ones you see in the image above I got Sencha, Downy tips, Golden tips, Bancha green, Maofeng, Emerald green and Pearl tea. During the recent weeks I have really enjoyed drinking all these different types of tea, and my conclusion is that they all have extraordinary flavor and aroma.


The white tea is among my favorites for supper. I usually drop a small pinch of leaves in the cup before adding water.


After a couple of minutes the leaves sink to the bottom and swell. Made from the buds of the plant and steam dried quickly after harvest, this tea is not oxidized and therefore contains a lot of anti-oxidants. With its low caffeine content and sweet taste, it is the perfect evening tea.


The unique aroma of the black Oolong tea is the result of a very special production technique. The leaves go through a process of withering, bruising, rolling, oxidation and repeated roasting.


Downy tips tea is grown at a very high elevation and has the freshness of lime combined with a gentle aroma of Himalayan herbs.


Grown in the northern hills and with a whiff of Himalayan musk, the Golden tips tea is called “the King of the Himalayas”.


Another favorite of mine is the Pearl tea which is also grown at a high elevation. Each pearl is made from a leaf and a bud from a the plant.


The leaf and bud reveal themselves when water is added.


After a couple of minutes,  a sweet and fruity taste develops.


A common denominator of all these teas is the rich aroma combined with the absence of bitterness. They are all natural in their flavor, not containing any additives or artificial aromas. There is no doubt that the artisans cultivating and producing these exclusive teas do a magnificent job. Just as the Himalayan arabica does with coffee, the Himalayan tea from Greenland Organic Farm takes tea drinking to a whole new level.